We act as “project leaders”, combining strategy, law and the proactive compiling of cases

Not Limited To “stating The Law”, But Rather Providing Operational, Innovative And Realistic Recommendations

Petrel & Associés draws up a legal strategy and defends its clients before all courts. In cases of disputes initiated by the company, all controls are handled whether on issues regarding individual or collective relations.

  • Labour tribunals: redundancy on personal or economic grounds, remuneration, moral harassment, discrimination, equality of treatment, reclassification of insecure employment, unfair competition, working schedules, disputed contractual termination of employment contracts, disputes regarding company pension and contingency benefits, etc.
  • Restructuring: suspension of the consultative procedure, cancellation of employment protection plans, interim or fixed-date procedures, company transfers
  • Collective: consultation of the works committee and the CHSW, disputes over reducing the cost of expertise, drafting, applying and interpreting branch agreements
  • Involving risks and penal labour law: mass disputes, unlawful strikes, subcontracting, obstructionism, health and safety, labour accidents, undeclared labour, working schedules, temporary work, moral and sexual harassment, discrimination, penal liability of directors
  • Involving elections and the appointment of union representatives: staff elections, disputes over representation, election fraud
  • URSSAF : validity of URSSAF reassessments  both in substance and in form, disputes over the basis of calculation and compliance with procedures
  • Work accidents/occupational illnesses: disputes over acknowledgement of occupational illnesses or work accidents, disputes over compensation, technical disputes, unenforceability
  • Gross negligence: disputes over acknowledgement and unenforceability

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