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Public sector labour law

To manage the coexistence of private and public statuses within bodies, establishments, public organizations and social security bodies

For years, Petrel & Associates has supported public sector institutions and relevant bodies in their day-to-day or exceptional management operations. 

More specifically, our domains of intervention are as follows:

  • Start-up: competition, engagement contract, tenure procedure
  • Choice and drafting of employment contracts (open-ended contract, fixed-term contract, project fixed-term contract to enable the mobilization of external skills for project management or implementation, etc.)
  • Contractual relationship management (contract amendments, geographical and professional mobility, disciplinary law, incapacity, etc.)
  • Management of sensitive situations (moral and sexual harassment, discrimination, breach of equal treatment, etc.)
  • Professional training (job interview, management of training program, portability of training right from the public to the private sector, and vice versa, management of personal training account of public officials, apprenticeship, etc.)
  • Termination of the contractual relationship (dismissal, contractual termination, voluntary departure plan, etc.)
  • Organization of working time (annualization, remuneration based on days worked, etc.)
  • Contribution policy (incentive payments to recognize individual and collective merit, etc.)
  • Staff representatives (establishment of social committees, their functioning, etc.)
  • Management of collective relations (support in negotiation and drafting of agreement, etc.)
  • Management of social conflicts and crisis situations (strike, right of withdrawal and right of alert, etc.)
  • Reorganization (outsourcing, transfers of autonomous economic entity, recovery and loss of market, etc.)

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