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Collective negotiations and employee relations

Creating added value from the mapping to implementation of strategic guidelines

P&A provides high added-value advice and custom-made on collective relations in all fields in companies and professional branches.

Strategy, negotiation and drafting of collective statutes:

  • Negotiating and drafting collective agreements: working schedules, remuneration, HR forecasting and planning, psycho-social risks, professional quality, disability, diversity, employee protection
    Project example: drafting an agreement amending working schedules and protecting the annualisation of working time
  • Reviews of agreements
    Project example: adjustments to employee agreements and career development agreements to bring them into compliance with changes in the law regarding equality of treatment
  • Implementation of internal rules and regulations, codes of conduct, ethics charters and IT charters
    Project example: implementation of a code of conduct setting out prohibited behaviour with respect to competition law
  • Implementation of economic and social units
    Project example: assistance with defining the scope, analysis of consequences and drafting of an agreement
  • Implementation of transnational bodies
    Project example: drawing up of a European works committee draft agreement, assistance with negotiation

Management of staff representation bodies (ESC – Economic and Social Committee, TBSAC – Treasury Board Secretariat Advisory Committee) :

  • Organisation of staff elections
    Project example: introduction of a “step-by-step” operational guide, a hotline or physical presence during vote counting and the drafting of a report
  • Supervision of implementation of ESC
    Project example: drafting of “optimal” internal rules and regulations for the ESC
  • Control over the operations of bodies: managing consultations with the ESC, training on chairing these bodies
    Project examples: the systematic validation of agendas, points for consultation and information for controlling the rollout of meetings and the risk of obstructions, operational assistance with compiling consultation dossiers to reduce use of expertise, drawing up of negotiation arguments with the ESC to reduce the cost of expertise

Staff training :

  • Assistance with drawing up training strategy
    Project example: support with drafting a training plan
  • Validation of training systems
    Project example: support for professional branches and companies in introducing agreements on staff training
  • Optimisation of training systems
    Project example: operational consultation on optimising staff training funds

Health and safety

  • Reinforcement of prevention measures
    Project example: assistance with the creation of a single assessment document, participation in a risk audit to avoid litigation for gross negligence and penal litigation
  • Immediate interventions
    Project example: Field support during investigations and initial measures in the case of serious accidents, preparation for interviews with legal authorities

All types of disputes relating to collective labour relations before the Judicial Court.

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