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As we are an accredited training body, the cost of our training modules may be included in training budgets. Our administrative services are experienced in all the procedures required for validating this inclusion.

As such, we provide an annual training programme open to everyone, as well as the capacity to organise internal company seminars.

Top specialised training bodies regularly call on the services of PETREL & ASSOCIES lawyers.

Our approach is identical in all cases:

  • simple, accessible teaching methods
  • the provision of exhaustive supports, texts, examples of case law and administrative positions, together with summaries of presentations in slides
  • ongoing illustrations of the subject matter through practical examples, multiple-choice questions, role-plays, etc.

Our training sessions cover both labour law (“Chairing a works committee”, “Mastering pay”, “Corporate law and management”, “Managing an URSSAF inspection”, “Managing ends of careers”, etc.) and employee protection and remuneration policy (“Key aspects of company pension and contingency plans”, “The tax and social charges of pension and contingency plans”, “The Evin law”, “Latest additions to company savings plans”, etc.

Petrel and Associates (Petrel & Associés) is referenced in datadock 

The law firm is committed to improving the transparency of the training offer to financial organizations, which facilitates the management of your training


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