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The world of work is undergoing an extraordinary transformation. 
Labor law raises major economic and social challenges for all companies because of the introduction of new information and communication technologies. The Covid-19 health crisis has perfectly illustrated this point, and the effects of the crisis will anchor changes in work relations. Therefore, Petrel & Associes, through its expertise, will assist you in these changes, helping to shape your company of tomorrow by contributing to its transformation to better ensure its performance.

* Disclaimer: All Expertises are Under French Law

Transformation and Work 2.0

The emergence of new technologies has forced companies to rethink the way they work while maintaining a secure legal framework.

Social crisis management

Managing a social crisis in a company implies taking into consideration the multiple facets that make it up according to its nature…

Diversity and Inclusion

Raising awareness of the rules and challenges of the principles of inclusion and non-discrimination among human resources stakeholders is now a necessity for all companies.

Data Privacy

The protection of personal data: A necessity at the heart of HRDs’ concerns

Individual labor relations

Structuring and protecting labour relations within the company

Social audits and management of mergers & acquisitions

A single methodological approach: going beyond the initial findings to establish actions to be taken in all growth projects

Collective negotiations and employee relations

Creating added value from the mapping to implementation of strategic guidelines

Management of restructuring operations

Making corporate growth or repositionning projects achievable, including in risk contexts

Remuneration, employee saving and shareholding schemes

Specialists that are open to an accounting and financial approach

Social security, URSSAF audits & reassessments

Providing support for companies before, during and after audits

Company pension and contingency plans

A team recognised in the market for its expertise in providing support for company directors and insurance professionals

Cost reductions

As a key objective or incidentally, promoting the control and direct or indirect reduction of costs

Remuneration policy

As a key objective or incidentally, promoting the control and direct or indirect reduction of costs

Company directors

Clarifying and protecting the position of directors

Staff training

Designing and protecting training tools and strategies

Penal labour law

Calculating penal risk in labour law

Public sector labour law

to manage the coexistence of private and public statuses within bodies, establishments, public organizations and social security bodies

International mobility

Understanding the specific aspects of foreign law, coordinating transnational projects

Management of accidents at work and professional relations

For decades, we have been assisting our customers to enable them to master the prevention and management of accidents at work and occupational diseases.

Individual and collective disputes

We act as “project leaders”, combining stategy, law and the proactive compiling of cases

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