Remuneration, employee saving and shareholding schemes

Specialists that are open to an accounting and financial approach

Going beyond employee saving scheme law by adopting an accounting and financial approach at company or group level.

Audits and introduction of schemes:

  • Incentive bonuses (legal, waivers, complementary, supplement)
  • Profit-sharing (identifying the option that best meets the objectives of the company, supplement)
  • Company savings plans / Inter-company savings plans / Group savings plans
  • Collective pension funds
  • Time savings accounts
  • Purchase option plans, free allocations or subscriptions to company or group shares, listed on the stock exchange or not (validation of the minutes of shareholder meetings and board meetings, drafting of allocation rules and memos)

Handling of disputes:

  • Refused approval of agreements and plans by the Authorities
  • Requests from employees and former employees
  • URSSAF audits and reassessments

Project examples: social rulings, appropriate responses to observation letters on a free share allocation scheme, etc.