Cost reductions

As a key objective or incidentally, promoting the control and direct or indirect reduction of costs

P&A proposes a number of assignments to help with cost reduction

  • Subsidised contracts
    Project example: assistance with choosing a subsidised contract and calculation of exemptions
  • Impatriation and expatriation schemes
    Project example: implementation of a scheme eligible for exemptions
  • Internal mobility and international mobility
    Project example: consultation on optimising subsidies for geographic mobility and creation of an operational guide
  • Schemes for fringe benefits and business expenses
    Project example: audit and optimisation of existing schemes
  • Working schedules and pay
    Project example: pay rectification for systems calculating working schedules for determining actual working time, overtime, calculation of paid leave, days awarded for the reduction in working time, etc.
  • Optimisation of remuneration
  • Management structuring
    Project example: implementation of dedicated companies