Public sector labour law

to manage the coexistence of private and public statuses within bodies, establishments, public organizations and social security bodies

Managing issues of equal treatment in mixed private/public environments:

  • Implementing protecting schemes through legal, regulatory and/or collective negotiation methods
  • Drawing up strategies for convergence of statuses

Project example: intervention at legislative and regulatory project stage in order to propose protected schemes tailored to the issues surrounding coexistence of the two statuses

Handling of collective transfers of staff with private or public status

  • Support at the stage of drawing up legislative and regulatory projects
  • Establishing the legal conditions for the success of transfer projects
  • Assistance with implementing joint staff representation bodies

Project example: proposal of an innovative legislative framework for ensuring representation of both statuses*

Daily management of private and public sector personnel:

  • Managing staff numbers, working time and remuneration
  • Disputes involving the authorities and labour tribunals

Project example: assistance with disciplinary sanctions