Staff training

Designing and protecting training tools and strategies

Our expertise is expressed through our advice on:

  • Assisting with the identification of requirements and tailored solutions, with the negotiation and drafting of agreements at all levels (branch, group, company), including in conjunction with HR forecasting and planning, mobility or trade-specific issues
    Project examples: supporting branches in the transposition of legal and inter-professional developments; supporting a company with several thousand staff in the implementation of schemes involving a combination of training actions, HR forecasting and planning for assistance with the construction of transversal career planning
  • Assisting companies and branches with the creation of training policy in particular to optimise financing and any access to pooled resources and improving efficiency by adopting the appropriate legal tools
    Project examples: validation of schemes implemented in coherence with all the levels of negotiation involved; implementation of branch schemes to benefit from financing from Pôle Emploi employment centres or the Regions.
  • Assisting those involved in staff training: Accredited joint collection agencies, branches, training bodies
    Project examples: groupings or creations of joint commissions for collective training; design and presentation of products, assistance with the administrative procedures required for creating the body and implementing monitoring mechanisms during its activity to protect it from increasing administrative audits.
  • Assisting with drawing up training plans with regard to increased obligations to ensure the “employability” of staff, as well as with the handling of procedures for informing and consulting staff representative bodies.
    Project example: support for a major company in protecting an information/consultation procedure involving a national level and decentralised level.

Our expertise in situations comes to the fore prior to or during disputes through our ability to help our clients handle all types of disputes relating to professional training, both in managing their relations with staff representation bodies and with employees in their relations with the authorities or relations between those involved in the system.

The firm has specific expertise relating to inspection by the DIRECCTE of training bodies and companies:

  • Support on and off-site
    Project examples: presence alongside employers before and during the inspection, technical preparation for those involved in discussions with the inspection body.
  • Appeals against DIRECCTE decisions, in particular against decisions to implement financial penalties
    Project examples: drafting of observations during all the phases of the administrative inspection and before tribunals.
  • Support implementing corrective and preventive actions and/or actions following the decision
    Project examples: protecting the sales administration scheme, amendments to accounting practices.