Individual labour relations

Structuring and protecting labour relations within the company

Assistance with daily management

  • Attending work meetings to manage and decide different scenarios
  • Drafting contracts
    Project example for a temporary contract: drafting the grounds for appeal and compulsory clauses
  • Assistance, strategy and formalisation of severance or pre-severance cases (disciplinary law, redundancy, contractual termination of employment contracts, etc.)
  • Settlement negotiations, assistance with decision-making, drafting of protocols, escrow agreements
    Project example: protecting severances, optimising costs and escrows

Assistance with management structuring

  • Drafting of contracts, bonus clauses, variable remuneration, annual appraisal grids

Project example: structuring powers of attorney

  • Assistance with the negotiating and drafting contracts for directors or executives

Project example: amendment of clauses covering contractual severance pay

  • Absenteeism management

Project example: drafting of an operational guide on tools to prevent and handle absenteeism

Management of all types of individual disputes